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姉妹 Fansubs
01 January 2013 @ 09:13 pm
Hi Everyone! This is L speaking. This is an introduction post to our humble abode.
K here! Yoroshiku!

We're called Shimai Fansubs because shimai in japanese = sisters, and that's what we are. The two of us (that's K and me) started to sub to practise our Japanese and because K is a massive fan of Shoon/Hyakushiki. Okay, so basically, it was a project started by K and L went along with it. Now, K does 99% of the work, and I help her with timing and checking and generally we spend our time arguing over what they're mumbling on the show.
Which, K wants to add, is about all of the time because Innochi et al are either mumbling or squeezing a full sentence into one long, slurred syllable. We kid you not.

By the way, L is too humble. She does the layout and icons because K is clueless about photoshop and has no idea about html and whatnot. Without L, these subs would still be scripts in some dark corner of K's computer.

We're not exclusive to Hyakushiki, we sub Hyakushiki because we like it, but we'll probably sub anything else we like, not limited to just JE programs.

SO! on to the main topic, and that's our Ground Rules

basically we are all right with our subs being streamed online and whatnot and all that- However we have just one rule...

We ask that you please credit us. Whether you are uploading on streaming sites or using caps from our subs or taking our translations, PLEASE CREDIT US. It would be nice if you could let us know where you are uploading them as well.

We know there are many non-English speaking fans out there, so if you wish to use our subs for re-subbing to your native language, we ask that you please inform us. We work very, very hard on our translations and we hope this is not too much to ask out of you.

That's about all we have to say, so, please have fun, and look forward to our new releases!
Thank you for all your support and feel free to friend us! Please let us know if you enjoy our subs!
姉妹 Fansubs
04 November 2011 @ 11:09 pm
Late night practice

Hello, it's Shoon & Leon原画風ムーミンフローレン

This morning it was cloudy

and Tokyo was coldさむぅ

I think this every year, but the really nice seasons like springチューリップpinkand autumnくり。

are short, aren't theyあおくび大根?

Last night,

マイメロRe:SHOON commu' presents NO LIMIT in Purolandキティちゃん's

late night practice(rehearsals from night to morning)took place踊る

It was an exciting rehearsal with new stepsきゃ

But at about 3am, I started

to forget them~~・・・・ほけー

Rehearsals ended at 6am夜明け~。おはよォ

When I got home, I slept for about 40 minutes

because I had a first period class, and made preparations to go to schoolスキップ

In junior high and high school, I have never dozed off in class

so I went to school pledging not to doze off todayキャー



I didn't sleepわーい

That's to be expectedヽ(;´ω`)ノ

We're going to keep having late night practices,

but I'll work hard for both school and workかお


Right now, I'm extremely sleepy, so I'm going to sleep after writing thisうさぎ

Good nightねむぃ・・おねんねするー!

姉妹 Fansubs
04 November 2011 @ 10:58 pm
Please refer to previous post for the names of the hosts.


もっともゴチャ・まぜ (Mottomogocha Maze)

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonてんどんまん。おむすびまん

It's a bit late,

but for listening to かっこMBS Radioかっこかっこもっともゴチャ・まぜかっこ

the other day, thank you very muchありがとう


From left,









Everyone was really friendly

and even though we have very little experience on radio shows

we had a really good timeわーいわーい


The energetic Bobby Ologun-san

had hands so big that he wouldn't lose to anyone

My hands are not that small

but his are really bigええ!!!!


But, for some reason!!

Reon's hand and Bobby-san's hands were quite the sameえ゛!にこにこにこにこ

Leon's reaction was too big

and the photo became blurredshoko

Right, now we're heading for

マイメロRe:SHOON commu' presents NO LIMIT in Purolandキティちゃん's


by Shoon宇宙人UFO
姉妹 Fansubs
04 November 2011 @ 10:48 pm
To be honest, K really really really dislikes having to translate obvious advertising posts like this. If I was going to translate ads, I would want to be paid for it.

Sorry, had to vent.


Acne・dry skin

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonロールパンナてんどんまん。

The other day,

the 括弧TeenAgeGardenキメ執事括弧

make up artist who takes care of us

gave me a facial washかっこACSEINEかっこ


Actually, I have bad skin, and from junior high

I had been worried about having pimples and dry skin【o´m`o】ξ

I get pimples→they heal→I get them again

It keeps recurring and I was seeing

a dermatologist for quite a few years夕焼け

When the make up artist heard this,

she brought me a bottle of her recommended facial washハート音譜


The brand かっこACSEINEかっこ, has everyone heard of itはてな

It cane be used by people with bad skin, and even those with acne problems

it's a cleansing wash that is recommended by professionalsうれしい

I tried it immediately and the bubbles were a 「raw colourかっこ

that feels very organicにこっsei

After washing,ねこ

my skin felt refreshed without being tautカスパー09キラキラ

Because the wash comes out in the form of bubbles

it saves me the time of having to make the bubbles myself↑

a point that is perfect for someone who wants to sleep that extra second in the morningわーい。

by Shoon宇宙人thank u
姉妹 Fansubs
04 November 2011 @ 10:33 pm
TeenageGardenキメ執事 Episode 3

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonメロンパンナロールパンナ

Today's tvkかっこTeenageGardenキメ執事かっこ

did you watch itキャー?blue

Today's theme was括弧Pen pals括弧and

括弧Light music括弧

Writing to someone

that you don't know at all

it makes one's heart pound, doesn't it~メールラブラブ

Looking forward to see how the story unfolds蝶々

It's a special feeling

that you find in letters, not in emailsにこっ

Has everyone written to pen pals before?!

[picture 1]

MINAE-san from the キメ執事 family音譜

Is Leon doing the Hamehameha???ゲラゲラ笑っ
note: a move from Dragonball

[picture 2]


The event mentioned by Kotobuki Tsukasa-san

at「Akasaka BLITZ」and「Yokohama BLITZ」

next MarchかっこROADtoMAJORかっこ

We will be taking part in the event tooキャー音譜

The programme is now looking for people

who are passionate about music

so please don't hesitate to take partわーい。



Leon was really carefree today~笑っ

by Shoon宇宙人ティータイム

姉妹 Fansubs
04 November 2011 @ 09:35 pm
Nico Live Halloween

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonあかちゃんまんメロンパンナ

Somehow it feels like we fled through autumn

and it's as cold as winter

What is it like where you're from?


yesterday's「Nico Live」 かっこRose Tea Gardenかっこ

those who listened in,

thank you very muchラブ

[picture 1]

Because it's a かっこHalloween partyかっこ

Hoshino-san and the two of us dressed up

for the showハロウィン

[picture 2]

I got to show off

my handmade bag tooにこにこショルダーバッグ

[picture 3]

Personally, I think that Hoshino-san's

Pumpkin-man getup

was really cuteハロウィン音譜

[picture 4]


On Nico Live Bamboo Channel

you can find our official site音譜
for your questions, suggestions,
messages or anythingきゃっ
We'll be waiting for your inputs~ラブラブ

かっこShoon & Leon's’sRose Tea Gardenかっこ


The application form for the tea party

is in JUNON Dec edition so please check it out toosayuやったぁ☆

by Shoonハロウィン宇宙人マフラー
姉妹 Fansubs
04 November 2011 @ 09:01 pm
From 1am tonight

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonドキンちゃんあかちゃんまん

This is sudden,!!13

but there's a change in the timing,

and from 1am tonight,

the MBS Radio show『もっともゴチャまぜ』

will be broadcasted

There will be appearances by出キャー音符

Yoiko's Hamaguchi Masaru-san音譜

Yoriko's Arino Shinya-san音譜

Bobby Ologun-san音譜

Kato Kazuki-san音譜

Kiyomizu Fukimi-san音譜

Matsumoto Sayuki-san音譜

Tsugihara Kana-san音譜

Everyone, please listen in♥akn♥


Tomorrow, Oct 26 from 8pm
「Nico Live」 かっこRose Tea Gardenかっこwill be broadcasted liveキャー

Because October means Halloween~ハロウィン

かっこwe will be having a Halloween partyかっこですハロウィン

We will be in costumes tooえ゛!ナンダッテ~!

Let's all enjoy the long autumn nightsにこにこ


we will be making a surprising announcement during the programmeおぉ!

Click here to reserve your place!!13



Junon Dec edition is also selling wellにこっ

I received these lovely bouquet and there's a nice scent by the window↑お願いクマakn

by Shoon宇宙人おんぷ。
姉妹 Fansubs
24 October 2011 @ 07:54 am
K has a favor to ask of everyone reading this! We are considering if it makes more sense to separate the blog translations from the subbing blog, so please let us know how many people are reading by clicking on the webclap button at the bottom of the post. Thank you!

A small happinessー

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonバイキンマンドキンちゃん

A few days ago I saw that and felt

かっこHow nostalgic~おぉ!かっこand bought the gumすまいる

[picture of gum]

When I opened it目

['You won'!]

I won~aknsei

I had to go back and get another oneはしるハンタマダッシュ laughs

By the wayアゲ

Leon saysポテチダンサーw

when you take it from the box, the gum at the side

have a higher chance of being winnersわーいsei

That's probably sosei


the feature in Sankei Sports is up on the internet

please definitely check it outキャー


by Shoon宇宙人おんぷ。
Please click on this! Thank you~
姉妹 Fansubs
24 October 2011 @ 07:45 am
Love Story

Hello, it's Shoon & Leonバタコさんばいきんまん

Today was~~にこっアゲ紫系2


The 2nd theme wasかっこ恋バナ (Love story)かっこ,

did everyone watch!?ドキドキドキドキ

The time, かっこキメ執事ファミリー (Kime Hitsuji Family)かっこ was visited by

Kotobukii Tsukasa-san音譜 and


The love stories of middle and high school students made one's heart pound so much

that Leon's excitement was at its MAXsei音符2

[Picture of the show]

We'll work hard for the 3rd show too音譜


tomorrow,かっこJUNON12月号 (December edition)かっこwill be out for sale

Please check out the bookshops and the convenience stores

And alsoアゲ紫系2

tomorrow, inかっこサンケイスポーツ (Sankei Sportd)かっこ

we will be featured in it

so please check that out tooにこっ音譜

by Shoon宇宙人